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Adidas ADMT-12235GR training mat


Adidas ADMT-12235GR training mat

Top quality, thick roll-up mat perfect for training. Roll-up, made of high quality NBR foam, carefully finished with strong hems, thicker and longer than standard mats.

Product description:

  • guarantees excellent cushioning, isolation from the ground, body protection and exercise comfort
  • the mat does not slide on the floor during exercise
  • the mat can be rolled up so it doesn't take up much space
  • an additional strap makes it easy to move the mat
  • material: NBR (74%), Nylon (1%), Polyester (22%), PP (3%)
  • easy to clean, does not absorb water and moisture
  • tear and abrasion resistant
  • mat dimensions: 183 x 61 x 1 cm
  • black mat with gray edges
  • the mat allows for comfortable and safe exercise in sitting, kneeling and lying positions
  • perfectly protects against moisture and cold from the ground


  • Plastic


  • Gray