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Atemi 500 table tennis bats


Atemi 500 table tennis bats

The Atemi 5000 table tennis racquet is a product designed for professionals, providing sensational speed and control. Made of the best materials: 7-layer plywood with carbon spacers and BALSA, 2.2 mm thick sponges, offensive linings (Atemi IPPON). On a scale of 1-10: Speed: 10 Rotation: 10 Control: 8 BBS (Best Balance System) System that provides excellent ball feel. The empty space in the handle reduces the weight of the racket and shifts the center of gravity further away from the handle, so faster acceleration is possible without loss of ball feel.


  • training racquet for professionals
  • the racket is ITTF certified
  • board width 1.7mm
  • concave


  • wood
  • gum


  • red
  • black