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Atlas 3 Hektor 100 LBS (45 KG)


Atlas HEKTOR 3 is a multifunctional device for exercising at home.


  • Atlas allows you to safely exercise different muscle groups, just like in a professional gym.
  • It is an ideal solution for both women and men who want to improve the overall condition, improve the appearance of the figure, increase and strengthen muscle mass and shape its sculpture. Atlas allows you to shape all muscle groups: the widest back, chest, trapezoid, postural, forearms, shoulder, triceps, also allows you to exercise your legs.


    Bench press while sitting
    Latisimus tower
    A device for exercising leg muscles
    Cable tension from below
    Tension of the rope from above
    Prayer book


    Dimension after unfolding:

    length: 112 cm
    width: 120 cm
    height: 207 cm

    Stack weight: 45 kg
    Weight: 82 kg
    Max. user weight: 100 kg


    Certificates, standards:
    24 months warranty