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Atlas HMS Tytan 10R 200 LBS (90 KG)


TYTAN 10R HMS is a professional device for exercising at home. The equipment is made of the highest quality materials that guarantee high stability and safety of use. The set includes a hooking and rotating bar, a single grip, and an ankle strap.

The atlas has a comfortable seat with 3-step adjustment. Comfort is provided by a durable sponge and a modern upholstery fabric with a carbon pattern and increased durability. Specially profiled structure stabilizes the position.

Tytan 10R allows you to safely exercise different muscle groups - just like in a professional gym. All grips have a rubber finish for a secure grip and a non-slip surface.

Braided steel rope guarantees durability up to 1000 kg, while the angle adjustment of the bench is as follows: (-25 ° ÷ -90 °). The product is an ideal solution for both women and men who want to improve their condition and figure, or increase and strengthen muscle mass.

The equipment allows for the shaping of all muscle groups: the widest back, pectoral, trapezoidal, postural, buttocks, forearms, deltoids, triceps, and also allows you to exercise your legs.


Frame profile: 5 × 5 cm
Braided steel rope with a strength of 1000 kg
Double bearings
Additional load cover
3-stage saddle adjustment
Bench angle adjustment: (-25 ° ÷ -90 °)
Dimensions (unfolded):

length: 270 cm
width: 141 cm
height: 203 cm

Backrest dimensions:

length: 55 cm
width: 33 cm

Headrest dimensions:

length: 20 cm
width: 20 cm


overall length: 121 cm
seat: 37 x 41 cm
seat: 29 x 76 cm
4-step angle adjustment of the bench
3-step seat angle adjustment

Prayer book:

length: 33 cm
width: 46 cm
2-stage height adjustment

Spacer arms:

wingspan: 141 cm
3-stage arm position adjustment

Bench press arms:

grip width range: 64 - 99 cm
5-stage arm height adjustment

The width of the upper lift rod: 110 cm
Width of the lower lift rod: 46.5 cm
Braid length: 66 cm
The width of the handles: 12 cm
The diameter of the handles: 3 cm
Weight stack: 90.72 kg
Product weight: 179 kg
Maximum user weight: 140 kg



bench press while sitting
bench press lying down
latissimus tower
device for exercising the leg muscles
upper lift
prayer book


drawbar and swivel bar
single handle
ankle strap


Not intended for commercial use
24-month warranty
Packaging dimensions and weight