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Atlas X2 Hms 17-51-002 crane



  • Atlas X2 HMS is the highest model of Smith's crane in the brand's offer. Its modern and multifunctional design will satisfy even the most demanding users.

  • The Atlas X2 HMS crane is a device for comprehensive training of the whole body. Its versatile equipment allows you to harmoniously develop both the upper and lower muscles. It is only up to the user how he will build his set of exercises in search of the optimal training formula.

  • Atlas X2 HMS includes a Smith machine, lower pulley, device for butterflies and for exercising the leg muscles. Compared to the Atlas X1 crane, it has bearings that make the crane mechanism work extremely smoothly and two types of upper lifts, handles for hanging free loads and a prayer book with a lever for loads. Such a wide range of instruments, combined with the possibility of using free weights, makes it an ideal device for people who are serious about the systemic development of the body muscles.

  • The central element of the crane is a detachable bench - it can be removed from the set and exercised in a standing position. It is largely responsible for the comfort of training, which is why it has been equipped with a multi-stage seat and backrest adjustment mechanism. The durable sponge and the modern and durable upholstery fabric with a carbon pattern also ensure a positive user experience. Thanks to their properties, they effectively relieve the spine and stabilize its position, so that even very intense training is not a problem.

  • The high quality of the Atlas X2 HMS crane guarantees trouble-free operation for a long time and brings to mind much more expensive products. Starting from the frame made of durable, powder-coated steel, through the upholstery finish, to the system of pulleys and tensioning lines, the device meets the highest technical and aesthetic standards. We recommend it to all people looking for a universal and durable device for home use.

    NOTE: the bench does not contain loads


  • Equipment for comprehensive exercise of the upper and lower muscle groups:

    ridge (widest back, quadrilateral)
    abdomen (straight, oblique, transverse)
    shoulder straps (actons)
    arms (biceps, triceps)
    legs (biceps, quadriceps)

  • Exercise equipment:

    Smith's Gantry
    Upper lift with a wide bar
    Upper lift with two independent handles
    Lower lift
    A device for exercising the leg muscles
    Prayer book

    A set of exercises is included with the product

  • Product dimensions:

    length: 242 cm
    width: 205 cm
    height: 219 cm
  • Bench dimensions:

    length: 210 cm
    width: 70 cm
    height: 117 cm

  • Backrest dimensions:

    length: 77 cm
    width: 30 cm
    height: 5 cm

  • Seat dimensions:

    length: 42 cm
    width: 37 cm
    height: 5 cm

  • Model and tube dimensions:

    length: 30 cm
    width: 49 cm
    height: 6.5 cm

  • Neck:

    length: 196 cm
    diameter: 25 mm
    weight: 7.8 kg

  • Neck:

    length: 196 cm
    diameter: 25 mm

    Bearings in all pulleys
    Linear bearings in the crane mechanism
    Type of load: free weight
    Holders for hanging free weights with a diameter of 50 and 25 mm
    Bar guides with safety mechanism
    Multifunctional, detachable bench
    Durable upholstery with a carbon pattern
    Cable tension adjustment
    Belaying: 9 steps
    Barbell supports
    Ankle strap
    Number of cartons: 3 pcs.
    Finish: powder coating
    Frame color: black
    Maximum product load (weights + user): 272 kg
    Maximum load on the leg trainer: 45 kg
    Maximum load of the upper lift: 90 kg
    Maximum user weight: 135 kg
    Product weight: 191 kg


    24-month warranty