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Cast iron weight Neoprene HMS 1kg 17025 17-47-112


Cast iron weight Neoprene HMS 1kg 17025 17-47-112


  • 17025 - a cast iron neoprene weight, i.e. a classic home gym in a new setting. The use of high-quality material and a contoured shape guarantee a firm hold on the weight and great comfort.

  • The device is ideal for dynamic exercises performed alone at home. It can be used by both men to warm up before strength training, as well as by women for fitness training.

  • Exercises with weights have a positive effect on the muscles of the arms, chest and back. They are perfect for fitness training, aerobics, general development exercises, and are helpful in jogging and rehabilitation.


    Internal material: cast iron
    Outer material: neoprene
    Weight: 1 kg