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Elbow pad with Select 6603 stiffener


Elbow pad with Select 6603 stiffener

An elbow protector with a rear part made of 4 mm SBR-neoprene ensures optimal temperature, while its front part made of 1.5 mm SBR-neoprene guarantees flexibility.

The protector provides warmth and support to the elbow joint . It is suitable for use in overloads.

It also minimizes the risk of injury *.

Prevents excessive elbow extension and generally reduces the risk of injury .

The position of the protector can be easily adjusted by means of cross straps .


  • It protects the joint against injuries while playing sports or during increased effort
  • Strengthens the joint, reduces the risk of re-injury
  • Accelerates the treatment of injuries
  • Stabilizes and warms the injury site
  • Improves blood flow


  • Anatomically profiled
  • High quality materials
  • Full wearing comfort


  • Early rehabilitation of joints after fractures, operations and injuries
  • Weakness of the joint
  • Pain and swelling of the joint due to its excessive exploitation