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ELECTRO BF muscle stimulator


ELECTRO BF muscle stimulator

Electro BF is your personal way to build a perfect figure. It's a revolution in muscle shaping. Its main purpose is to build and strengthen the abdominal muscles, but thanks to the additional panels it will work in the whole body workout. It is the perfect complement to classic training. It will help increase muscle strength and endurance.

EMS electric waves that Electro BF passes through our body cause muscle contraction and relaxation. This pulse comes from the electrode placed in the cap, which is applied during training. The impulses sent wipe to the deepest located muscle fibers, which increases the improvement of their condition and guarantees results much faster than classic training.

The device has 6 modes of operation and 10 levels of intensity. Thanks to this, we perfectly match the training to our needs and level of advancement. Electro BF can be used during classic training as well as during everyday activities. The main difference between standard training and the use of Electro BF is the fact that we do not burden the joints. EMS waves will not shape and strengthen the body without the risk of injury.

You will achieve results using Electro BF only 20 minutes a day, without effort and killing exercises. Thanks to this revolutionary small device, you will significantly improve the efficiency of your training sessions, save time and money, as well as prevent a training situation in which an injury would be possible. In addition, you will strengthen your muscles, improve your condition, burn unnecessary fat and make your metabolism jump to a higher level. Electro BF is ideal for people of all ages and levels.


  • accessories: panel: 3 pcs, relay: 3 pcs, user manual: 1 pcs
  • Specifications: Weight: 57.4 g
  • dimensions: main panel: 200x195mm, small panel: 196x60mm, relay: 77x60mm
  • material: PU
  • relay voltage: Alkine 1.5V AAAX2EA
  • 6 modes of operation
  • 10 levels of intensity
  • type of battery: AAA
  • suggested ambient temperature during use: 15-35 ° C