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Hammertone 10kg plate HMS THM10 17-61-053


Hammertone 10kg plate HMS THM10 17-61-053


  • The 10 kg Hammertone HMS plate is a classic for a home and professional gym. The product was made of the best quality materials, which ensures its long-term use.

  • The main advantages of the plate are the perfect cast and aesthetic finish. The plate has three comfortable and large handles that greatly facilitate its carrying or putting on the neck. The product is covered with a hammertone coating that guarantees resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. The disc has a hole diameter of 31 mm, making it fit any standard neck.

  • The Hammertone HMS plate is available in the following versions: 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg.


    Material: cast iron
    Handles for easy carrying
    hole diameter: 31 mm

    Outer diameter:

    1.25kg: 165 mm
    2.5 kg: 190 mm
    5kg: 240 mm
    10kg: 335 mm
    20kg: 410 mm


    1.25kg: 14 mm
    2.5 kg: 21 mm
    5kg: 26 mm
    10kg: 30 mm
    20kg: 35 mm