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Hand clamps with load regulation HMS SC20


Hand clamps with load regulation HMS SC20

SC20 HMS is a handy squeezer for exercising arms and hands. Just a few minutes of exercise a day to significantly improve your strength and confidence of grip.

The SC20 squeezer is a universal device for training arm, forearm and hand muscles. Works well both in strength training and in the rehabilitation of hands and fingers. It is also used to treat joint conditions.

The device was made of high quality materials, which guarantees safety of use and long life. Its shape makes it fit well in the hand, providing a firm grip, and thus positively affecting the effects of exercise.

The squeezer has a resistance adjustment function in the range from 10 to 40 kg. A convenient knob is used for this purpose, which allows smooth adjustment of the tension of the chromed compressor spring. Thanks to these features, everyone will find for themselves a value of resistance appropriate to their expectations and fitness.


Very handy and perfectly suited to the hand
Used in the treatment of diseases of the joints and muscles
Useful for rehabilitation of fingers and hands
Sensational device for all hooks
Excellent for forearm exercises and grip strength


Handles: ABS, TPR
Durable steel spring
Resistance adjustment: 10 - 40 kg