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HMS HEX PRO 42.5 KG dumbbell


HMS HEX PRO 42.5 KG dumbbell

Training using dumbbells from the HEX PRO HMS family allows you to duplicate almost all types of exercises that are performed with a barbell. At the same time, they offer the possibility of asymmetrical work - using only one arm.

Rubberized dumbbells are impact resistant, have an ergonomic shape. In turn, a firm grip is guaranteed by the knurled handle.

HEX PRO dumbbells are available in many weight versions, making them ideal for people who are just starting their adventure with strength training, as well as for those more advanced.


  • material: rubber coated steel
  • handle: knurled
  • gripping length: 122 mm
  • total length: 416 mm
  • load diameter: 180 mm