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HMS Neck Protector WNK01 17-62-032


HMS Neck Protector WNK01 17-62-032


  • WNK01 HMS is a neck protector that works well with every exercise, during which we lean the barbell on our trapezius muscle, which is located at the back of the neck.
  • It guarantees comfortable exercise, because it protects our muscle against pain associated with the weight based on it. In addition, the contoured shape makes it easier to keep the bar in the same place throughout the duration of the workout. This prevents it from slipping and rubbing parts of the body.
  • The WNK01 HMS model will allow free and comfortable exercise, in which the bar must be rested behind the neck.


    Material: TPR
    Length: 320 mm
    Width: 140 mm
    Neck width: 25 mm