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HMS PSB SLAM 5 kg exercise ball


PSB15 Slam Ball HMS - is a ball supporting strength and endurance exercises.

The HMS product can be used for proper training or warm-up. The ball is great for stretching, strengthening muscles and to improve overall body fitness.

The main advantages of Slam Ball HMS are: high durability and non-slip finish. A rubber coating protects the ball during exercise. You can now perform functional training with a high degree of intensity. In turn, keeping the ball with sweaty hands will not be a problem either.

Slam Ball HMS is available in the following versions: PSB3: 3kg, PSB5: 5kg, PSB8: 8kg, PSB9: 9kg, PSB10: 10kg, PSB13: 13 kg, PSB15: 15kg, PSB18: 18 kg, PSB22: 22 kg.


Material: abrasion resistant synthetic material
Ball diameter: 27 cm
Ball weight: 15 kg
Black colour


Certificates, standards; CE
24 months warranty