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HMS UW09 17-62-159 lift handle


HMS UW09 17-62-159 lift handle


  • UW09 rope - the handle for the lift, is made of durable nylon weave. The product can significantly affect the quality of exercises.

  • The cord has rubber sleeves at both ends to increase training safety. They allow a firm and secure grip. This is the basic element used in many bodybuilding exercises with particular emphasis on shoulder and abdominal muscles.

  • The main use of UW09 is to pull the lift cable. The product also gives the possibility of performing many combinations of moves. It works very well when exercising back muscles, arms, shoulders or chest. The cord is an effective tool for isolating triceps, thereby increasing the effectiveness of training.


    Cord diameter: 25 mm
    Cord length: 60 cm
    Length with handle: 70 cm
    Black colour

    rope: nylon
    handle: plastic