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HMS YB03 65cm light gray gym ball


HMS YB03 65cm light gray gym ball

YB03 HMS is a durable gym ball made of special rubber in Anti-burst technology, thanks to which, in the event of a rupture, the ball gradually loses air, protecting the exerciser from a sudden fall.
The special structure of the ball means that the body does not slide on its surface during exercise. In addition, half of the ball covered with piping affects faster muscle regeneration. During the exercises, the projections naturally massage our body, which reduces the pain caused by micro-injuries.

The popularity of gym balls is due to their high efficiency. This is due to the specificity of the exercises performed using it. The YB03 HMS ball allows you to increase your fitness, it is also a perfect complement to your standard training with elements related to balance exercise.

Training with the YB03 HMS ball activates postural muscles, thanks to which the user not only improves his endurance, but also corrects possible posture defects. As a result, we can improve the muscles of the abdominal muscles, legs and arms, flexibility of joints, as well as get the right body shape. For this reason, it is an ideal device for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Many applications can easily be found for the YB03 HMS ball. In addition to typical gymnastic and aerobic training, it also works well in the therapy of people with various types of mobility problems. We recommend it to fitness clubs where it will enjoy great interest and to all those who want to effectively take care of their health without leaving home.


  • diameter: 55cm
  • weight: 1.53kg
  • maximum load: 250kg
  • material: PVC
  • non-slip material structure
  • pump included
  • Remarks: Not intended for commercial use, 24 months warranty