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Kettlebell cast iron knurled chrome handle HMS KTC04 RED


Kettlebell cast iron handle knurled chrome HMS KTC04 Red

KTC HMS kettlebell - a cast iron weight covered with vinyl.
Ergonomic shape and chrome handle ensure safety during exercise. Precise workmanship guarantees weight stability during intense training. In addition, the KTC kettle has knurled handles, which positively affects the safety of training - weights do not slip in your hands.
Kettlebell is a gymnastic device with an extremely wide range of applications. Using it, you can perform exercises involving virtually all muscle groups .KTC HMS is also a good complement to training with free weights. Working with kettlebella strengthens muscles, perfectly develop motor coordination, while increasing the overall fitness of the body.
The advantage of the HMS product is the ability to perform so-called multi-joint exercises. They also activate those muscle parts that are often overlooked during classic weight training.


  • Material: cast iron, vinyl
  • Handle: chrome-plated, knurled
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Notes: Not intended for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty