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Kettlebell iron HMS KZG04 4kg


Kettlebell iron HMS KZG04 4kg

Kettlebell loads are extremely versatile and are the perfect complement to strength training. Working with kettlebella strengthens muscles, perfectly develop motor coordination, while increasing the overall fitness of the body. Their ergonomic shape and well-shaped handle, which fits securely in your hand, ensure safety during exercise. The flat bottom of the KZG HMS guarantees stable support, and the wide range of weight options available allows for accurate selection of the load to suit the user's needs. Kettlebell is a gymnastic device with an extremely wide range of applications. Using it, you can perform exercises involving virtually all muscle groups. The advantage of the HMS product is the ability to perform so-called multi-joint exercises. They also activate those muscle parts, which are often overlooked during classic weight training.


  • material: cast iron
  • weight: 4 kg


  • 24 months warranty