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LIFETIME CLEVELAND 1268 basketball stand


LIFETIME CLEVELAND 1268 basketball stand

The portable basketball stand has a 44 "backboard made in Impact® technology of high density polyethylene. The telescopic height adjustment of the backboard allows it to be set at different heights in the range of 229 to 305 cm ensuring comfortable and safe play at all levels. Classic hoop with weather-resistant nylon mesh and a round pole with a diameter of 7 cm.The base with a capacity of 45 liters filled with water or sand ensures full stability of the stand.The perfect set for beginner basketball players.

Product features:

  • board: The board in Impact technology is formed of high density polyethylene, making it virtually indestructible. The graphics on the board are made in screen printing technology, with UV resistant inks to prevent fading and keep vivid colors as long as possible.
  • Hoop: Classic, durable basketball hoop made of steel and weatherproof nylon mesh.
  • height adjustment mechanism: Enjoy the game at your level by adjusting the height of the game board without any tools. The telescopic pole adjusts the height of the rims from 229 to 305 cm in increments of 15.24 cm (6 inches).
  • pole and base: The round pole consists of 3 parts. It is made of steel, powder coated, secured with a special waterproof layer. The pole is mounted in a portable base, which after filling with sand or water ensures safe stability. No cement is required!

Technical data:

  • array type: Impact
  • array size: 44 "
  • board coating: high density HDPE polyethylene
  • panel thickness: 32 mm
  • type of height adjustment: telescopic
  • height adjustment range: 229 - 305 cm
  • height adjustment: every 15.24 cm
  • rim: Classic
  • base type: Streamline
  • base capacity: 45 liters (12 gallons)
  • base dimensions: 110.5 x 53.3 x 10.1 cm
  • main pole: 3-part
  • main pole size: 7 cm diameter, round
  • net weight: 50 g


  • Impact table
  • fade-Resistant Graphics - array graphics resistant to fading
  • Classic rim
  • weatherproof mesh
  • telescopic height adjustment of the board
  • 3-part, round main pole, powder painted
  • Streamline portable base


  • 24 MONTHS warranty
  • intended for home use