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Molten V5M4500 volleyball ball


Molten V5M4500 volleyball ball

Molten mini volleyball ball from the new V5M series that meets all FIVB requirements.

Layers made of synthetic leather show softness to the touch and greater durability compared to natural leather to abrasion. The characteristic shape of the patches provides the ball with an optimal flight path, speed and shape of the structure, which means that the new arrangement of panels improved the ball's visibility and better grip. The double-laminated butyl rubber bladder and internal nylon reinforcement increase the ball's strength to maintain adequate air pressure. Made of 18 panels.


  • size 5
  • circumference 65-67 cm
  • weight 260-280 g
  • soft to the touch and resistant to abrasion
  • new panel arrangement for better visibility and aerodynamic properties
  • 18 panel construction
  • bladder and nylon reinforcements for strength and pressure maintenance
  • designed for playing on indoor courts


  • synthetic leather - coating
  • nylon - construction reinforcements
  • combination of rubber and butyl - inner tube


  • white-green-red