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Neck covers HMS FG01 17-62-030


Neck covers HMS FG01 17-62-030


  • FG01 HMS are neck pads that are suitable for any exercise with a barbell or also with dumbbells. Ideally suited to the exercise bench press lying on the bench, rowing in the fall of the torso, as well as in deadlift.
    The pads require more force. Thanks to this, they allow you to train your forearm muscles and, as a result, grip strength. After exercising with pads, training on an ordinary bar or dumbbells will be much simpler and more effective.
  • The FG01 HMS model will make your muscles work harder and your workout will bring more results.


    Material: Silicone
    The set contains 2 pieces

    Technical data:

    Length: 122 mm
    Outer diameter: 55 mm
    Inner diameter: 29 mm