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Select Profcare Neoprene 6202 knee protector


Select Profcare Neoprene knee protector

Anatomically shaped 4mm SBR-neoprene knee protector ensures an optimal fit. The back side of perforated SBR-neoprene increases the flexibility of air permeability. Provides warmth and protection. Shock-absorbing EVA protector with strong and temperature-resistant outer material Armortec protects against bumps and falls.


  • Anatomically shaped SRB-neoprene knee protector.
  • Provides an optimal fit.
  • Provides warmth and protection.
  • EVA shock-absorbing material.
  • Armortec inner material, very strong and temperature resistant, protecting against impacts and falls.
  • Quantity in package 1pc


  • 4 mm SBR neoprene.
  • 3 mm SBR perforated neoprene.
  • Armortec.