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Single massage ball HMS BLM01 8CM


Single massage ball HMS BLM01 8CM

  • BLM01 HMS are balls used to relax overstrained myofascial points
  • BLM01 HMS massage balls are very easy to use. Just put it on a hard surface, e.g. walls or floors, to stabilize its movement, then press selected points on your body
  • using massage balls we can reach even the most difficult muscle parts available. Their effectiveness is due to the small size, thanks to which it is possible to precisely press the trigger points, i.e. the source of pain
  • BLM01 HMS balls are dedicated to athletes of various levels. They are great for minor neck, shoulder, shoulder, arm and leg pains. they are often used by CROSS FIT trainers to improve their mobility


  • Material: EPP
  • Diameter: 8 cm


  • 24 months warranty