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Steel skipping rope with Allright weight 286 cm


ALLRIGHT weight rope with a steel rope

A steel skipping rope with plastic handles is an excellent exercise device for demanding athletes. Perfect for training in competitive sports. Additional loads were installed on the rope's handles .

A skipping rope for recreation and training. This is a great device for training at home and outside - small dimensions allow you to take a skipping rope wherever you like. The skipping rope is great for reducing fat in the waist, hips, thighs and calves. Greatly improves condition and endurance. Exercise on the skipping rope not only allows you to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your condition. Jumping rope is aerobic training, which is why it is a great exercise for people who are overweight. In addition, it is also a great warm-up before the actual training.


  • line length: 286 cm
  • handle length: 17.5 cm