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Swimming goggles Aqua-Speed Sprint 53


Swimming goggles Aqua-Speed Sprint 53

Sensational soft Swedish. Thanks to the use of TPR material in the construction of the slides, the glasses are distinguished by better tightness than traditional Swedes. Perfect for jumping, recommended for competitors and members of swimming schools. Eyeglasses are sold as a set for self-assembly and offer the user the opportunity to adjust the elements according to their own needs. Sprint have a double, adjustable silicone strap as well as a silicone or string nose bridge. The glasses are available in two colors, and their glasses have a UV coating and a non-steaming Anti-Fog layer.


  • swedish swimming goggles
  • fit the face
  • silicone and string nose bridge
  • the lenses have an Anti-Fog surface that prevents the lens from fogging
  • double silicone strap, adjustable
  • blue colored glass
  • soft structure
  • packed in a cover


  • gum
  • plastics


  • Gray
  • milk