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Whistle Fox 40 Fuziun CMG green


Whistle Fox 40 Fuziun CMG

Ideal for teachers and trainers and as accessories for playing with children. However, it also works well as a trainer's whistle, especially in closed rooms.


  • sound intensity: 118 dB.
  • ensures good audibility in outdoor sports and indoor facilities
  • no moving parts
  • bezkulkowy
  • sound consistent and equal
  • ergonomic shape


  • Plastic


  • green

FOX40 is the official whistle of NBA , NHL , NBL , NCAA , FIBA , FIVB and other federations. The FOX40 is a whistle without a ball with channels inside, thanks to which the sound is very loud. Uniformed services also use it. Very useful on sails, windsurfing, in the mountains and other places where a loud signal is needed. In the US and Canada, people use it as a WHISTLE safety.