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YB01 gymnastic ball 55 cm pink


YB01 gymnastic ball 55 cm pink

YB01 is a gym ball. The HMS product is made of durable plastic with a non-slip surface.
The ball is a device with an extremely wide application. It is used both in training athletes and for rehabilitation purposes. Very high efficiency of ball exercises is achieved thanks to the unstable base, which when exercising specific muscles, additionally activates postural muscles (abdomen, back, sides, buttocks) to keep the body and ball in the desired position.
In practice, this means that during normal training not only a specific muscle group is exercised, but also a sense of balance and posture defects are improved. Great for general development training.


  • gym ball designed for any strengthening, stretching, corrective, pilates, yoga exercises, used in rehabilitation
  • made of durable material
  • the diameter of the ball is 55cm
  • the special structure of the ball prevents the body from sliding on its surface
  • for people who are 150-164 cm tall
  • the ball has a 24-month warranty


  • Plastic


  • pink